Screwed not dead:

What people don’t tell you in the thick of heartbreak is that heartbreak is all about choices. It’s basically a Choose Your Own Adventure with more tears. You make choices everyday until the pain is either gone or it becomes you. Either stalk him on Facebook or get a hobby. Either wallow in your bed or get up and go for a walk. Either declare perpetual singleness and become a bird lady (way more underrated than a cat lady) or get back in the dating game. Choices. We all get them.

Was I perfect? No. Was I mad at God? Heck yes. Was I brooding for a while? Duh.

But here’s the biggest thing I learned through the high and low of getting over a person: you must do the things that will get your heart back into alignment. You’re not lost, you’re just camping out in a swamp for a few days. Pack up your bags. It’s time to go.

17535518558819914316.jpgSCREW THE SHRINE

One of the reasons why letting go is hard? We feel the need to hold onto every last thing we ever had of that person. Sweatshirts. Coasters. Love notes. Etc. Etc. Burn it. Throw it away. Donate it. Just get it out of your sight, no matter how painful the release may be. You will never be over it if you are always holding on relentlessly to tangible memories.

His sweatshirt, sleeping in your bed every night, is not going to bring him back. That’s the sad truth I hate saying but I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t say it.

It’s okay if you cry yourself to sleep at night. It’s okay if you don’t feel like getting out of bed. These are natural symptoms of a breakup. The beginning is always the hardest. The middle will take a lot of work. The finish line will be sweet though. After all, you have no choice…:xD


 Truth told, it hurt too much to be online. It was too much temptation to want to look him up and see how he/she was doing. His progress, though I am thankful it was happening, was no longer my business. Something inside of me wanted to be mad or bitter if he did make progress and that wasn’t my heart or my agenda.

Social media rarely helps our wounds. If you don’t have the power to block him or her, block yourself. Get a few friends to build a wall around you. Pick up the hobby of reading instead of stalking.


Sometimes you don’t even want to keep the person, you just want to keep the feeling of being loved and chosen at the end of a day.

It’s okay to be hurt, broken, tired, cranky, etc. Call a feeling what it is. Accept it. Own it. Owning your feelings doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck in them.

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I have been willing to write this for quite some time lately.. I actually have so much to say or should I say I have so much on my mind regarding relationships as a whole.I am not a writer. I never tried to write a poetic description of how i feel. But this is something I have pondered upon for a very long time. . So, here’s an honest attempt to put my feelings into words. .screenshot-40

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Face Lies

While I don’t see you in a day. I always used to think what i am more afraid of, to see you again today or to never see you again .

​I have two simple rules when it comes to this; Act like tomorrow doesn’t  exist, and plan like there is a tomorrow. This way, if tomorrow fails to comes, at least I know, I never left anything undone. 

 .. / …. .- – . / — -.– … . .-.. ..-. / ..-. — .-. / .- .-. –. ..- .. -. –. / . …- . .-. -.– – .. — . –..– ..-. .. –. …. – .. -. –. / ..-. — .-. / .– …. .- – / -.– — ..- / -.. .. -.. / .- -. -.. / -.. .. -.. -. .—-. – / -. -.. / ..-. .. -. .- .-.. .-.. -.– / ..-. — .-. / — .- -.- .. -. –. / – …. .. -. –. … / … — / -.-. — — .–. .-.. .. -.-. .- – . -.. .-.-.- U KNOW THIS |-_-|

Either in the movies or returning home from the park can only have a happy ending.

if two people are meant to be together,they will eventually find their ways back  into each others arms

                                     no matter what.

#Thank you


You fall in love with your partner. You anticipate their calls,
want their touch, and like their idiosyncrasies. Falling in love wasn’t hard. In fact, it was a completely natural and spontaneous experience. You didn’t have to DO anything. That’s why it’s called “falling” in love.

I had read somewhere People in love sometimes say, “I was swept of my feet.”  It implies that you were just standing there; doing nothing, and then something happened TO YOU.

Falling in love is a passive and spontaneous experience. 

But after a few months or years of being together, the euphoria of love fades. It’s a natural cycle of EVERY relationship.
Slowly but surely, phone calls become a bother (if they come at all), touch is not always welcome (when it happens), and your spouse’s idiosyncrasies, instead of being cute, drive you nuts. The symptoms of this stage vary with every relationship; you will notice a dramatic difference between the initial stage when you were in love and a much duller or even angry subsequent stage.
At this point, you and/or your partner might start saying, ” Love between us is over. ” and many more things And as you reflect on the euphoria of the love you once had,
This is when relationships breakdown.

relationship is not finding the right person; it’s learning to love the person you found.
People blame their partners for their unhappiness.
Infidelity is the most common. But sometimes people turn to work, a hobby, friendship, excessive TV, or abusive substances. But the answer to this dilemma does NOT lie outside your relationship. It lies within it.
I’m not saying that you couldn’t fall in love with someone else. You could. And TEMPORARILY you’d feel better. But you’d be in the same situation a few years later.
Because (listen carefully to this):
Relationship is not finding the right person; it’s learning to love the Person you found.
SUSTAINING love is not a passive or spontaneous experience. You have to work on it day in and day out. It takes time, effort, and energy. And most importantly, it demands WISDOM. You have to know
Love is NOT a mystery.

I don’t know Love is a Decision or feeling.
It is up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let GO! ♥

*read it once*Unconditional love to some seems to be a concept beyond understanding, and as though there is cognitive dissonance holding trust and love in the same arms of faith. The truth is, they cannot be separated.

never beg for priority. It would break the soul within you.i did it

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Someone comes in your life. . And u fall for them. . You dream about spending your whole life with them. . Change yourself, your habits & even your schedule just to make your relationship work. .you conform, adapt, compromise.   .But, destiny had some other plans for you. .Out of nowhere, everything comes to a screeching halt. . Relationship ends. .So many unanswered questions. . & You are devastated. . You Separate yourself from the world. . And everything seems blank. .

Ring any bells? Iam sure, most of us have been through this pain of break-ups. But the question here is, do you take the brunt of the blame?? & the bigger question is “Are you ready to move on!?”

If you are alone, make the best of it. Be totally into you and a good friend to others and your family.But i have a Doubt…is it really works?:xD

Letting go is hard, but sometimes holding on is harder

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Fancy coffins

  • “I have been in love, yes, I have tasted of its magical savor. I have eaten of its enchanting fruits, and have been held sway by its mesmerizing bliss. I have danced under the open sky, and have experienced my heart been melted with every touch of a raindrop. I have kissed a thousand times, but did all that on  just one lips, and I have loved in thousand ways, but did all that with just one soul. In all these things, I found, love becomes a blessing when the heart trusts who it loves.”

    These were the words of a much other person I have come to respect and to value in this short life I have lived. Interestingly, as the words flowed from her lips, like streams of water from a rock, I couldn’t help but notice, in between her words, Love is indeed beautiful, but trust is a different universe of its own.

    Have you ever loved so deeply and so true, that you swore you could step into a building engulfed with flames if ever asked to prove the measure of your love for someone, but somewhere within, you have this reservation that the one you so much love may not do the same or value your sacrifice? Or have you ever loved so genuinely, but for fear of being stranded in the middle of nowhere or not being understood, you restrict your openness and honesty about a certain past or a situation? Sincerely speaking, it is no child’s play to completely trust someone.


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